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About Us

Premium strength and obstacle sports brand for fitness and competition. High quality equipment for professional use, built to last. Tested on humans in the battle of competition. Approved by athletes. Our clientele are sports federations, clubs and athletes that demand the very best in top end performance. 
Our mission is to support the growth of strength sports by working directly with our clientele to develop specialty products that match the stringent rules and guidelines of international sporting organizations, as well as cooperating on all scale events- National and World level games.  We are with you on your journey from beginner to athlete to CHAMPION!                     
All our products are manufactured using highest quality components and materials and quality control procedures. We also work directly with your organization to customize and develop unique designs to match your requirements.  All items are shipped directly to any destination worldwide from our brand new hi-tech production facility located in central Asia a few hours outside of Shanghai, China. Our state-of the art 100,000sqm plant has an advanced production line utilizing robots for precision welding, laser cutting and painting, setting a new standard for mass production specialty strength equipment.  With operations in Australia and Asia we are now expanding distribution globally.


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