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Slam Balls

Slam balls are designed for explosive power workouts and can survive even the toughest workouts! The thick rugged surface is easy to grip, while its durable rubber shell absorbs the impact from every dead bounce you make even thrown from overhead. Unlike wall balls that are not designed to be smashed into the ground, these balls are ready to handle any aggressive training situation.


METAL MUSCLE Slam ball’s no bounce design can be used for dead ball workouts, slamming, cross-training and traditional medicine ball exercises. In addition to being used for high-impact throwing and slamming, the slam ball can be used to do overhead presses, lunges, squats and sit-ups. They are especially useful substitute for Atlas stones in Strongman training. The softer outer is more forgiving with far less noise and vibration. Which also means you don’t need a crash mat and they wont damage your floor! They are also more safer to train with than a hard stone and wont break your foot if you accidentally drop it!


• High-intensity workout for the entire body!
• Easy-grip surface
• Benefits for all athletes
• Great for various exercises
• Low noise and vibrations compared to solid balls and stones
• Durable rubber shell
• Filled with steel pellets
• Does not bounce
• Available in weights 10-100kg

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