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Competition Bench Squat Combo

Even though at a glance all combo racks look almost identical, they do not share the same features. Unless you have been competing or training in powerlifting gyms, you may spot the differences between the racks.

Being overbuilt with loads of extra steel does not make a bench superior. Being heavy only adds to your shipping bill, it doesn’t improve your overall lifts!

So what about the METAL MUSCLE Competition Combo Rack? You can call it the yellow Lamborghini of lifting racks! We’ve streamlined the look and cut the fat and added features that count to present a sleek upgrade on the standard boring grey design seen at most competitions. It’s the little details that matter and we made sure we kept all the functional parts and removed and improved anything that wasn’t. All measurements, sizes and details conform to IPF standards so this set up is suitable and ready to go for any level competitions and meets.


• Quick release bench with oversized footplates
• Hand grip and rollers built onto the bench, allowing easy detachment and maneuverability 
• 2 x Safety spotter arms
• 2 x Jack lever arms
• 2 x Chrome uprights with laser cut numbers
• METAL MUSCLE Laser cut logos


Adjustable Uprights 
The centerpiece of the rack uprights are two telescopic uprights that can be adjusted in height and set at an angle. If you want to have a wide grip during squats, you can tilt the uprights by as much as 6.5°. Each upright has two J-Hooks, the top one for Squats and the bottom one for Bench Press.

The 4 J-Hooks that are equipped with smooth spinning nylon rollers- The primary function is to easy position and center a loaded barbell with out actually lifting it off. Furthermore its impact protection to preserve the knurling on the barbell, and also reduces the noise during training.

Lever Arm Lifting System
Time and efficiency matters, especially when you are training with a group of people or running a competition. Lever arms allows the user to change the height of the J-Hooks in seconds without having to take off the weight plates and barbell. The locking and lifting bolts can be stored directly on the lever arm. Chrome uprights with laser cut numbers allow height adjustment increments of 25mm. Additional knob bolts can be tightened to locks in the uprights for zero tolerance and movement. 

Bench Press
The bench and the spotter stands are not welded directly to the frame. We’ve simplified the locking mechanism so the bench simply hooks into position.  A few twists of a knob bolt will securely lock it in place. In just 30 seconds you can quickly switch between bench press to squats!

Roller wheels and additional hand grip at the foot of the bench allows the bench to be lifted and rolled out with one hand. The bench sits firmly and stable and can be used by itself separately.  Bench pad is firm with a durable non-slip grippy surface.

Over sized Spotting Platform
A common complaint was the spotter footplate being too small. Also many bench press racks don’t even come with a spotter platform, leaving the person to stand on the rack beams which is neither comfortable or safe.

So we made them BIG! To be even more safe we’ve added a grated surface for additional grip

Spotting Arms
Mistakes do happen, and having people stand either side to spot may not be enough for world record lifts. This is what these face savers are for. Most powerlifiting federations require spotter arms to be used during competitions. The spotter arms extends all the way to the uprights of the rack, leaving zero chance of the barbell crushing you.

Just like the telescopic uprights, spotter uprights come with pin locks for quick adjustments. The additional knob bolt locks in tightly for added support and minimal wobble. The Spotter arms can be removed completely by simply unscrewing the knob bolts. Improve on your sticking points with rubber band training. 3 position built-in band pins allow bands to attach to barbell in both squat and press movements




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