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Quad Steps

This famous obstacle is featured at the start of many Ninja Warrior races also known as Quintuple or Angled Steps, is a great test for skill and agility. The usual setup has the steps positioned facing each other as the athlete must navigate diagonally from side to side to pass over them. 

The unique folding billboard design allows the set to be easily stored and transported. Ideal if you are setting up outdoors or always moving them around often within the gym.  Made from steel outer frame and a solid center wooden board. The top surface is covered with a sturdy non-slip EVA material that’s provides extra grip, anti-vibration, abrasion resistant and a strong and protective layer that’s easily cleaned. The outer edge measures 85cm x 66cm large enough for the biggest feet yet folds flat and can be easily carried. Open the frame and lock pins slide into set the desired angle.  Standard 45 degrees or steep 60 degrees angle for greater challenge. Pack sandbags or weight plates underneath to prevent sliding.


TACTICAL RACER is a sub brand and collection of METAL MUSCLE specializing in Ninja Warrior, Obstacle Racing and Street Workout equipment and accessories. 


• Metal frame and wooden center
• Non slip EVA textured surface provides more grip and is easily cleaned
• Adjustable Two angles 45 and 60 degrees
• Folds flat for easy transport and storage
• Sold as a set of five pieces


85cm H x 66cm W x 120cm

85cm H x 66cm W X 


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