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The Strongman equipment that you need to have for your strongman exercise

February 25, 2023 0 Comments

The Strongman equipment that you need to have for your strongman exercise

Is it that you are failing to set the new Strongman records throughout your workouts? Is it that you are losing your grip? Is it that you feel that your legs are not strong enough to move much weight? If it is such then you need to use the best quality Strongman equipment that you can have from us at Metal Muscle Athletics International.

We discuss here a few pieces of equipment that you require to work out with during every exercise schedule that you follow.

Let’s begin with the gears you’ll require to accomplish the big and bad lifts of Strongman. The subsequent equipment can help you without removing any exertion from the working muscle.

Strongman Equipment

Powerlifting lever belt

It is wise not to get fooled by the name. This is the equipment that needs to be an essential part of your Strongman exercise. It will offer your abdominal wall support when you lift the heaviest lifts. It will help you to lift the extra plate.

Lifting straps

You must have noticed that you lose your grip before the target muscle. If you have lifting straps, you can make certain that you can hammer on the exact muscle and achieve the next level of hypertrophy and strength.

If you want to have such Strongman equipment paying an affordable price, it is wise to depend on us at Metal Muscle Athletics International.

There are a few more pieces of equipment that you need to have during your Strongman workout. Let us have a look at some of those.

Power-training Sled

It may not be such that you have your entire backyard to practice truck pulls. However, if you desire to work on the group of muscles and develop the power to be able to pull trucks, it is wise to have a power-training sled from us. This is a cost-effective means and an ideal alternative to an 18-wheeler.

If you have a problem with the grip you need to exercise using the following equipment.

Alpha Grips

It is that you require maximum strength during the Strongman training. However, if you lose your grip, it will not be possible to get far. If you have Alpha Grips you can have the best thick-bar training. This will help you to enhance your grip strength and endurance.

Strongman Equipment

Cannon Grips

Continuing from the above idea, to have the ideal grip strength training you need to have Cannon grips. If you are serious about the Strongman events it is a must to purchase this gear from us. You can use that during pull-ups, chin-ups, or rows and drastically enhance your grip strength.

There are also a few pieces of equipment if you desire to stay safe. You can buy wrist wraps, knee sleeves, and knee wraps from us.

We have all the Strongman equipment in stock and can ensure a quick delivery.


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