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Elevate Your Ninja Warrior Training with the Ultimate Quad Steps

July 20, 2023 0 Comments

Elevate Your Ninja Warrior Training with the Ultimate Quad Steps

Are you ready to take your Ninja Warrior agility training to the next level? The Quad Steps from Metal Muscle Athletics may be the answer. As a trusted Ninja Warrior Equipment Supplier, we bring you the perfect solution to enhance your training experience. In this post, we will dive into the overview and key features of our top-notch Quad Steps, designed to provide maximum performance and convenience.

Overview of Quad Steps:

The Quad Steps, also known as Quintuple or Angled Steps, are a true test of skill and agility in Ninja Warrior competitions. Positioned diagonally from side to side, athletes must navigate through the steps, making their way from one side to the other. A common obstacle featured regularly at competitions, This exhilarating obstacle is a must-have for anyone serious about Ninja Warrior training.

Ninja Warrior Equipment Supplier

Key Features of our Quad Steps:

Durable Construction: Our Quad Steps are built to withstand the rigors of intense training sessions. With a metal frame and a solid center wooden board, this equipment ensures longevity and stability.

Enhanced Grip and Safety: Safety is paramount in any Ninja Warrior training regimen. That's why our Quad Steps feature a non-slip EVA textured surface. This provides exceptional grip, anti-vibration properties, abrasion resistance, and a protective layer that is easily cleaned. You can train with confidence, knowing that your footing is secure.

Adjustable Angles for Versatility: Our Quad Steps offer two angle options to cater to different skill levels and training goals. You can set them at a standard 45 degrees for a challenging yet manageable experience, or opt for a steep 60 degrees angle to push your limits and take on a greater challenge.

Easy Storage and Portability: We understand the importance of convenience, whether you are setting up outdoors or frequently moving equipment within a gym. The unique folding billboard design of our Quad Steps allows for easy storage and transportation. The set folds flat, and the lock pins slide into place to set the desired angle. It's a hassle-free solution for those always on the move.

Ninja Warrior Equipment Supplier

Sold as a Set: Our Quad Steps are sold as a set of five pieces, providing you with a complete and comprehensive training experience. Train like a true Ninja Warrior and conquer each step with confidence.

As a reputable Ninja Warrior Equipment Supplier, we take pride in delivering top-quality equipment that meets the needs of aspiring athletes and professionals alike. Take the first step towards achieving your Ninja Warrior goals and order your Quad Steps today from our website.


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